Hello! I'm Kentaro Kumanomido

Artist, advocate & community organizer


I have had a lifelong passion for art in all its forms, which led to my completion of a Master of Fine Arts in Art Theory and Practice at Northwestern University in 2017.These days, my passion for art is funneled into Wildfruit Projects, an art gallery I co-own in St. Louis, Missouri.


In 2018, I began to co-direct Faster Than Light, an intermedia film and performance that has been presented in Greece, France, Austria, Croatia, and Germany with support from Onassis Stegi and Creative Europe. Faster Than Light is currently in postproduction for a US premiere.

Community Organizer

From 2021-2023, I was an Environmental Justice Community Organizer for United Congregations of Metro East (a member of Gamaliel). In this role, I coordinated campaigns aimed at reducing the negative health impacts of environmental pollution throughout the Metro East region of Southern Illinois.


I serve as the Campaign Manager of a youth-led tobacco control effort aimed at securing clean indoor air for all Missourians. Please visit my LinkedIn for more information.

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