Kentaro Kumanomido

campaign strategist & cultural producer

Campaign Strategist

I currently serve as the Campaign Manager of Show Me Smokefree, a youth-led policy campaign striving for 100% smoke and vapefree air policies across Missouri.Prior to this role, I helped lead clean air campaigns in East St. Louis, Illinois.

Cultural Producer

In addition to campaign strategy, I have a background in social change via artistic production.I've led socially-engaged cultural productions throughout Europe and currently co-own a community-centric art gallery in St. Louis, Missouri.

Biographical Highlights

  • Born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri

  • Earned a BA from Washington University in St. Louis, with honors

  • Earned an MFA from Northwestern University

  • Awarded over $25,000 in grant funding for socially-engaged artistic practice

How to connect

Feel free to reach out using the links below

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